One of the planned activities that we have to do, and was considered at length in the visit to Poland, was the creation of the exchange boxes. These boxes had to be filled with objects that were considered to be typical in our local area. They then had to be sent to each of the participating countries before Christmas. At the time of writing this I have already received five boxes and have not sent mine!! So I can only hope that you all get our boxes before Christmas.

Here you can see both the things we prepared for our boxes plus a report on my students opening the ones sent to us.

Boxes we have received

This last Thursday, the 9th, I asked my students not to miss the Comenius meeting if they could possibly avoid it. The surprise for them was that we were there to open the boxes we had received from Sweden, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Germany and Poland. I have to confess that I had opened them all beforehand to remove CDs with photos and things like that, better safe than sorry.

The opening as you can see here started out in an orderly and responsible manner.

But then when the chocolate was discovered degenerated into a free for all, in fact we were careful that we opened them all one at a time and everyone saw the whole contents, not just the edible parts.

We had a lot of fun as you can see.

I did the opening and things were passed round, Guillema was there taking pictures and Salomè also dropped in briefly, normally she has class at this time.

Looking at the pictures that were taken I can see that Mayte hogged the camera for most of the time. She is in practically all of the pictures.

She especially loved the car. Some of the boys also quickly discovered the topless girls in the German newspapers.

I already knew this was there and showed it to Guillem, if you look carefully it says "only for teachers" and clinked promisingly.

Mariona was initially not too sure about the Polish sweets, but she soon changed her mind.

Guillem faithfully took pictures of most things.

Many thanks for all the Christmas cards, something which is not traditional here and my students didn't think of doing. Perhaps I should mention this, the contents of our boxes are what the students thought of on their own. I gave them a couple of ideas but mostly left them to decide.

When we had finished opening the boxes I got them to prepare the contents of the ones we sent. Which some of them did, the rest had found a German music CD and were already listening to it.

All in all it was a fun couple of hours. I have some students coming tomorrow who couldn't be there on the Thursday, but that's ok as I have kept some stuff for them.

We look forward to the remaining boxes.

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